Carter Takes a Train releases an album after a 30 year Hiatus

Who They?

Edgeland Liminal Loop purveyor exploring the East Anglian Coast line with nearly but not quite Ambient Soundscapes.

Former nearly, but not quite Synth Pop Star (Reg Ruse) a reformed Corporate wage slave. Latterly a member of Artnik Improv collective Plankestra.  A chance encounter led to taking up the Diode again after a lengthy Hiatus.

Operating at the ‘listenable end’ of the Improvisation spectrum Planned Accidents grew from live experiments and gradually coalesced from live Loops (no MIDI) into a set of sometimes Pastoral instrumental pieces ‘Planned Accidents’ is the result.

Why Carter Takes a Train? 

A large Black and White Photograph of Michael Caine and an obsession with both the film Get Carter and its soundtrack led to the reimagining of the Iconic Theme. it seemed to seep into the Machines. Working quickly and simply the lush sounding album is as much as a surprise to its creator as it is to anyone else who likens it to ‘a bit like automatic Writing’ using Eno and Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies for occasional guidance.

Key Ideas such as Liminal and Negative Space and wabi-sabi and Edgelands kept the project on track. Supported by Mothership Voyage Radio, live renditions will take place as soon as circumstances permit in suitably liminal spaces.

Tell us more

The Album is accompanied by a series of Photographs celebrating the location which inspired the music. 

Work is progressing on the follow up ‘At the Edgeland Discotheque’ which both continues the themes and diverges into ‘Space Rock ‘and develops the rhythmic elements further according to its creator.

Carter Takes a Train are delighted that the noted songwriter, Filmmaker and Artist PollyWright is collaborating by lending her lovely voice to the next album currently in production.

See for more detail background and supporting information. Album Available from all Earth Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal …) and Via Bandcamp and Youtube 

(Physical release following) 



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