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Liminal images of environment that influence music

Living on the edge of East Anglia


bandstand at night


lines and clouds


these barriers are temporary and a seasonal fixture. They are there to contain the sand and stop it from invading the promenade.


vanishing point

I have become slightly obsessed with gates, fences and barriers of all kinds. not a soul for miles on this early morning

locked gate


off season and at dusk they take on a special quality.


another seasonal fixture

lights on the promenade


a really lucky shot, makes as much sense either way up. caught this when out walking my dogs

mirror mirror

barbed wire and wood

mist and light

love the quality of light. Wonder who is being warned and of what?

betsy- bubbles at dusk

when you live here you pay close attention...its an ever present threat and fascinating to watch

high tide

cloudscape and water

with light at the end

vanishing point

liminal squared

road to nowhere

locked car park

golden light

this was taken on a freezing cold winter evening waiting outside in a socially distanced queue, Mr Chips Gorleston High Street. Superb.

fish and chip shop

when we first moved here these were nearly as tall as me. the beach and coastline are constantly in flux. nothing fixed, nothing permanent

red 1

red 2

red 3

beautiful blue

beautiful blue 2

i love the glow of these things. i have always liked the glow of buses at night when only a few people in them. have always it comforting

street light


to keep people out or to keep something in?

barbed wire

empty car park

view through

spaces that should be occupied but are not...

liminal or what?

beyond the light

good question


tilted bollard

sign of the times


not really a crater, just the aftermath of high tide creating a temporary lake


very fond of this one, I like the quality of light.

sunset sea wall

vantage point. view through the gap

empty places often seem to me that they are waiting for something or someone...


near the edge of the world. in another 150 metres or so there's nowhere else to go. wonderful feeling of solitude in the early morning.

close to the edge

after exceptionally high tide and heavy rainfall temporary pools are created. sometimes lasting a few days



pool is bigger than the sea

Christmas card?

love the interplay of Water, Sky, and Sand

clouds light and water

sometimes flowers of remembrance are placed on the benches. sometimes real but often artificial.

bench with flowers

observation point at the end of the pier 'Eyes along the Coast' is the strapline on the front of the building.

red line

Strange positioning. if the Benches faced each other people could talk to each other but as it is...

waiting for who...

the light here is often fantastic, reminds me of Iceland

across the river


light at the end


time to reflect

bandstand lights

picture of michael caine and some of my toys. he seems to seep into the machines. a kindly spirit guide



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