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Working in isolation - you still dont do it alone. I'd like to thank - 

If you haven't come across the iconic 1971 film Get Carter then this excellent article will explain a lot. It's 'British Northern Noir' at it's finest and inspired many subsequent gritty gangsters films including the 'Long Good Friday' and is to Guy Ritchie as The Beatles are to Oasis.     Article about the film Get Carter

The current album ‘Planned Accidents’ is a collection that I am really proud of. I started my return to music by visiting an event organised by the Norwich and Norfolk Sonic Arts collective where I was introduced to The Plank group that met locally. This opened my mind to different methods of working for which I am very appreciative. I've been given great support by Jan and Merlyn at the online radio show, Mothership Voyage who have encouraged me by featuring tracks. More information about these organisations can be found below.

Electronic Sound magazine is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to further their knowledge of electronic music past and present.

I have been grateful to receive positive feedback and encouragement from a number of people including Hardwired, Biedabik, Charlotte K Arculus and last but certainly not least Stephen Scott (who provides additional instrumentation (some Bass and a mean Frippertronics style Guitar) He also has been responsible for editing/mastering amongst other valued contributions. I am currently working on the follow up ‘At the Edgeland Discotheque'

The Plank
Improvisation group based in Norwich. Mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. See facebook group for details. Inspirational and a lovely bunch of chaps and chapesses.

Meetings held at the Shoe factory 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month at 7pm (or via Zoom)

The Plank facebook group

Radio Mothership
Online radio station for eclectic music. Thanks for giving me my first public exposure and all the support.

Electronic Sound
Great resource, articles, reviews, kit - past, present and future

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